Sebastian Parra

My life

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Hello, My Name is Joan Sebastián Parra Rodríguez,

I was born on March 25th of 1998,in the hospital san rafael of Espinal tolima

I Live at the block c home 2,neighborhood Las Palmeras

The name of my father is Albeiro Parra Moreno,he is counter

The name of my mother is Patricia Rodríguez Guzmán, She is housewife

I have two sisters and I am the middl

My pet is a dog pinscher, called chiki

My favorite food is paisa tray

My personality: cheerful,funny,and a bit shy

I would like to study at the University of Ibagué

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I would like to study civil engineering

I like most is playing football

My team favorite is "nacional"

My biggest phobia are the heights

My beautifull Family

They're my friends

Playing with my friends in Ibagué

field trip to pool"the naranjos"

the characters I admire my parents

I want to travel to brasil